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Staria 的訓練模式
Staria Training Philosphy

1.  Goal Setting 個人目標

Through assessing student's progress and ability regularly, we will establish appropriate goals and learning strategies for students to improve their ability. We will keep track of students progress and assist students to reach their desired goal.



Staria 教練了解同學學習的速度,使同學一步步向他們的目標前進。

2. Developing Self Practice Habits 個人學習習慣

"Learning at Your Own Pace"

Students are also encouraged to take on their own initiative to achieve their goals. Through our program, "LEARNING AT YOUR OWN PACE" students under the continuous guidance of our coaches, they can achieve their goals through self practises.


同學也對自己的學習目標負責。 透過這計劃,“LEARNING AT YOUR OWN PACE” 

同學在Staria 教練的持續指導下,在自己的學習環境中,同學就可以實現目標。

3. In Class 1 to 1 sessions 上堂時段的1-1時段

In Class 1 to 1 sessions is the most unique and distinctive element of our program. During this session, our coaches will offer personalised assistance for students to complete various Rhythmic Gymnastics skills as according to their abilities. Our coaches will help to solve problems and difficulties and overcome technique stagnation, so as to improve students' overall ability in Rhythmic Gymnastics.



一個接一個地解決藝術體操技術及難度問題, 從而提高及培養同學藝術體操能力

4.  Step by Step 循序漸進

Our coaches instruct our students on a "step by step" basis. Through encouraging more engagement in our training sessions and developing their interest in Rhythmic Gymnastics, students can make progress step by step.

Staria 教練會循序漸進地教授藝術體操技術及難度,而由鼓勵學員課上績極參與和陪養藝術體操產生興趣作起步點,令同學可以一步一步地進步。

5. Progress Tracking 進度掌握 

Continual practises is the key to achieve maximum improvement. Our program provides an environment where students can learn at their own pace, so that our students will be able to master various Rhythmic Gymnastics techniques and skills. This will boost students' interest and confidence in Rhythmic Gymnastics.





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